My Heavenly HOME

H  Home is where the Heart is…

Does your life belong to Jesus Christ?  Do you know for sure, that if you died, you would go to Heaven?  By faith, accept what Jesus said and did as payment for your sins.  Receive Him into your life right now.  You can be prepared for eternity… are you ready?

O  Heaven is my Optimism

This is not just wishful thinking or a pipe-dream; Heaven is very real.  We do our world a great disservice by only talking about Heaven at funerals.  It should be in our thoughts of true reality and greatness every day!

M  Heaven, my Motivation

If you’re looking for purpose and fulfillment on this earth, you’re too short-sighted.  God promised all this and more in the life to come.  Heaven moves me to love, to gratitude, to purity, and to diligent service.

E  Heaven’s exciting Experiences

Heaven is not a boring place where we all sit on clouds and play harps forever.  It’s a place of adventure, exploration, travel, interaction, growth, variety, unity, and so much more.  You’ll love it!

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