Post-Election Emotions

This election did not go as I had hoped…

I had hoped for someone I could be more proud of… so I will pray that he becomes that man.  Don’t get me wrong, I woke up on November 9, thankful for an outsider heading to Washington. I am thankful for a president-elect who has promised a conservative Supreme Court appointment, who wants to undo socialistic policies, and who is not owned by special interests groups. In truth, I didn’t vote for him or his party… I just voted for the constitution and for values which I hold dear.

I had hoped that we would begin to come together as a nation – but I recognize that some people woke up scared.  I wish the media (Van Jones] had not framed this as a “white-lash” and caused so many to live in fear. I understand that their fear is real — even if the threats are not.  In any case, I must pray for hope, for unity, and for love to prevail.  My heart goes out to all the victims of the fear-mongering and racial propaganda.  I truly believe this was not a black vs white revolution; it was a rebellion of the political status quo. It was a statement of frustration with both parties, with big government, and with politics as usual.

I still hold out hope that many of my Christian friends will not rub their victory in others’ noses. Nor that they relax into a comfortable seat of complacency.  Trump is not the Messiah, the GOP is not the church, and America is not the kingdom of God.  Our nation desperately needs healing and hope.  We need revival more than a revolution. We need Jesus and we need Christians to step up and live His life in their communities.

In the end, the underdog pulled it out.  In the end, the uncertainties of Trump were more comforting than what we knew we’d get with Clinton. But a small part of me wanted the glass ceiling to break – for all the little girls out there  – but I wasn’t willing to vote for her just because she was a woman. She made me glad to be a ‘deplorable’ and made millions like me feel like we didn’t matter to her agenda. I was concerned that her agenda would threaten my value-system and lifestyle (And, of course, I realize that there are 55 million people feeling what I just expressed.  Will they have a place in Trump’s America? What will this place look like in 2-4 years? To you, let me ask you to do what I’m going to do: be patient and give him a chance. I think we’ll be pleasantly surprised.)

In some ways, this election wasn’t what I hoped or expected, it was better.



3 Responses to “Post-Election Emotions”

  1. Dantha Owsley Reply 11/14/2016 at 9:12pm

    Just exactly what I feel, but couldn’t express as well as you did. Thank you!

  2. Leann Almeida Reply 11/14/2016 at 9:30pm

    Amen brother!!!!!!!!!

  3. My only response is that this is not Trump’s America. It is American’s America and just as quickly as Trump came into power, he can be relieved of power or hamstringed and neutralized by Americans. He has to come through on his promises as much as he can. And he doesn’t have 4 years. He has two at most. I think he realizes the urgency of the mandate given him. He was not my first choice but I hope he succeeds.

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