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A Godly Mother

John 20:20-23 records when Salome (mother of James and John) approached Jesus on behalf of her two sons. She is often the brunt of preachers’ scorn, but she was not rebuked by Christ. In fact, we see Salome as a godly example of what a mother should be throughout the gospels. She was a worshiper. She interceeded for her children. She took her dreams and expectations to the Lord. She hoped in the Lord. She was desirous to plant her sons into the kingdom. In Mark 15, you find her at Calvary, when most other followers had fled, as a faithful disciple. And in Mark 16:1, she was counted worthy to be a witness to God’s power.

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Fall in Love with Jesus …Again

When we take a deep breath of fresh, clean, crisp air, we know Fall is near. Isn’t it wonderful?! We are able to start back on regular schedules and look forward to the up and coming holidays. Fall is a magical time for a lot of people. Some were married in the Fall. Some fell in love for the first time just as the leaves were changing. Whatever the case may be, Fall holds a special place in most of our hearts.

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What Not to Wear

A lot has changed since God first clothed Adam & Eve in the Garden of Eden!  Yet, the purpose of clothes still remains basically the same – to cover the body.  God emphasizes the importance of modesty throughout the Scripture: “women adorn themselves in modest apparel” (1 Timothy 2:9).  God calls Christians to a different […]

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Drop the Weight

by Joy Nix One of my all-time favorite shows…  Biggest Loser!  It is amazing to me how quickly those people drastically change.  When I watch this happen for them, it sparks a desire in me for something different.  Have you ever looked into the mirror and wished to see an alteration?  If yes, I am […]

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Good, Better, Best

Article by Kim Porta For the most part, I’ve always been a do-gooder. By my very nature, I’m a take charge kind of gal. In the past, whenever I’d see a need and thought I could meet it, I’d often be the first in line to volunteer my help. As a Christian, I know and feel […]

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To Regret, or Not to Regret

Article by Kristin Tanner We have all heard the familiar saying that goes something like, “I do not regret anything because you have to learn from something.” Many of us have uttered something similar from our own lips. I have never thought about it too much but when I recently read that from someone else […]

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