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Crazy Bread

Recently, I went into Little Caesar’s needing 5-6 pizzas and saw a sign reading: “Free Crazy Bread!” The thought consumed my attention (thoughts) & captivated my affection (desires). I wanted free Crazy Bread – that’s all I could think about. I pray that this message is to you what that sign was to me…

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It was Friday afternoon and he was tired. He had looked forward to this moment the whole week. Actually, he had anticipated this moment his entire life. He was finally finishing the work that his Dad told him to take care of. Even as the last nail went in, He felt a sense of satisfaction. ‘It’s finished,’ thought…

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The True Meaning of Christmas

I think that you and I both would agree that Christmas is more than the cards and gifts, more than the trees and lights, more than family and food. There is a much deeper meaning, a much more fulfilling notion than that of a fat, bearded man on a sleigh. It is the birth of the Christ child: the true story that God was born of a virgin in the little town of Bethlehem over 2,000 years ago. BUT WHY? To so many, the mystery of this event brings a magic to their celebration like none other. Let’s unwrap the greatest Christmas gift ever given and discover the real reason for the season…

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Empty Tomb … Full Life

Listen to the Live Audio Message by Pastor Nix One Easter weekend, our church sent out 200 plastic eggs to help our neighbors consider their own existence. Inside, a simple message: “Is your life as empty as this egg?  Ever feel like you’ve got a shiny coat outside – but empty and void on the […]

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Stained-Glass Jesus

Jesus was no more himself than when He hung on the cross as the Savior of the world. The seven last sayings of Christ would display seven ‘stained-glass vignettes’ of the God-man – on display forever in Christianity. Our view of Jesus would be incomplete had we not seen these very-different portraits of Messiah.

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Three Crosses

It was the most hideous, damnable, obscene instrument of death one could imagine. The cross was man’s best attempt at a torturous hell on earth. No person in their right mind…

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