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The Real Meaning of Christmas

Christmas, a joyful and cheerful time of year for many people, is unpleasant and sad for many others who struggle with loneliness or depression during the holidays. For them Christmas is just another day of pain or guilt and oftentimes bitterness accompanies their attitude toward those who go about jolly and glad during this time of year.

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Be Evangelistic this Christmas

The Christmas season is always a busy time of year for a lot of folks but it also serves to remind us we have a mission to accomplish. We have been commanded to testify of the coming of Christ and share with others what Jesus has done for us. Christmas provides at least three opportunities for aiding in this command:

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Jesus Christ > Santa Clause

Maybe it was the eggnog, but today I began to ponder the two major characters of Christmas in a way I never had. There are so many similarities it’s so uncanny it could be no accident. Both Santa & Jesus…

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The Incarnation of God

Incarnation: means ‘in the flesh’ (refers to when God put on human flesh and became Man) The Son of God became a man so that men could become the sons of God. The Truth of the Incarnation If you read John 1, you will see that John begins with some big-time, major claims about who […]

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Be a Blessing this Christmas

Christmas is a wonderful time of the year for most, but for some, it ends up being a sad and stressful season. Folks without friends, family, or money searching for joy. Long nights and shorter days seem to loom over spirits like a dark blanket. The cold air keeps us all indoors – unable to take a walk or enjoy the fresh air. Each holiday reminds us of lost loved ones and of blessings that seem to have become curses… Haunted and hungry for a blessing.

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Don’t Be a Grinch This Christmas

It’s true, one of my favorite Christmas shows is the Dr. Seuss classic, ‘How the Grinch Stole Christmas!’ (1966).  The wiry villain plans to dress up like Santa and sneak into houses to steal stockings and presents and trees… that is, until he meets little Cindy Lou Who from Whoville.  But you don’t have to […]

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