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Would You Come to My Funeral?

Recently, I was challenged to attend my own funeral… It’s not a new idea – but it’s a great one. Will you come with me and hear what everyone has to say? Please keep in mind that this is my ‘ideal’ funeral. As I read this again, I realize how much distance there is between this and reality – and I’m terrible humbled. These words are some things that I would hope to hear in my wildest dreams and something that helps me set my life-goals.

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Oh, Glorious Day!

It’s been said by many before that as Christians,we should be careful not to get our theology from songs. Very true statement — there are plenty of songs out there that take scriptural principles way out of context and by singing them, the listener THINKS that it is Biblical. While there are certainly some bad songs out there, some of them are VERY good!

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Left Behind

My father was a Christian – an exceptional Christian. He was a saved over 32 years ago and served the Lord ever since. He was ordained as a Deacon to serve in 3 churches and gave sacrificially of his money and time to God and His church. He loved teaching the Word of God (as a Sunday School teacher for 20+ years). But he especially loved witnessing to the lost about the power of the gospel to change a life!

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Finding Joy in Pain

We search incessantly for the reasons behind the tragedy… we ask “WHY?” This might give joy, might not. Knowing the reason is NOT ‘Finding Joy.’ Joy is not just a fact, it is a person. Phil 4:7 promises the peace that passes understanding … beyond facts, knowledge, and reason!

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The End of Another Year

I recently watched a helpful helpful video comparing the end of a year to the end of life.  It got me to thinking personally. What if I did the same.  The sweet memories, the regrets, the lessons learned, the highs and lows.  Here a few thoughts of personal inventory guided by Philippians 3:7-15. When I […]

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Is ‘Legalism’ a Bad Word?

This article deals with the fact that God’s law (from Moses to Christ) is good and that its continued presence in church and culture is right, not wrong. The simple truth is that far too many Americans desire a life without any laws or rules at all – and this has bled over into the church!

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